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NC-SkillsUSA ’06 Plumbing & HVAC Division Winners To Be Announced!








The Charlotte Plumbing Heating & Cooling Contractors Association takes great pride in our
support of the NC-SkillsUSA program through the PHCCNC. In the past our members have
donated time, materials, and money to this most worthy cause. Currently we sponsor the first
place NC-SkillsUSA plumbing division winner and their instructor to attend the annual national
competetion in Kansas City. We also honor the NC-SkillsUSA state competetition winners and
their instructors with a special dinner, commemorative plaque, and a small cash award.

You can find out more about the NC-SkillsUSA program here,
and the national SkillsUSA program here..

  M e c k l e n b u r g  C o u n t y  B u i l d i n g  D e v e l o p m e n t  C o m m i s s i o n

The Building Development Commission (BDC) is one of several voluntary advisory boards in
service to the Mecklenburg Board Of County Commissioners (BOCC). The primary function of
the BDC is to review, advise, and make recommendations to the BOCC and the Land Use and
Environmental Services Agency (LUESA), regarding Code Enforcement operations and services.
A complete overview of the BDC’s purpose and meeting schedule can be viewed here.
All meetings are open to the public.

To download and read the BDC Quarterly Bulletin, go here and then click on the link in the right column.



March ’06
Building Permit Revenue was $2,508,301.

Year to date revenue is $18,196,724which is 22.24% higher than projected in the ’06 budget.

Construction Valuation year to date is $2,935,236,017, which is up 25.88% over last year.

Total permits issued were about 7,400.
Residential was up 19.57%
Commercial was up 18.48%
The overall total was up 18.70%

Inspection Failure Rates
Building 30.12%.
Electrical 20.98%.
Plumbing 13.16%.
Mechanical 13.88%.

Average response time for Plumbing inspections was 1.02 days.

Average response time for Mechanical inspections was 1.04 days.

Plumbing Inspections Top Five Code Defects
Jan Feb Mar ’06
ROUGH Piping test missing/incorrect. 652 13.90%
WSD Piping test missing/incorrect. 230 4.90%
SLAB Piping test missing/incorrect. 164 3.50%
FINAL Not ready for inspection. 162 3.45%
FINAL Fixture installed incorrect. 138 2.94%
Mechanical Inspections Top Five Code Defects
Jan Feb Mar ’06
GAS TEST Test not to code or bad gauge. 332 5.80%
FINAL Damage caused by others. 279 4.87%
FINAL Not ready for inspection. 262 4.57%
FINAL Test not to code or bad gauge. 227 3.96%
FINAL Other defect or no code. 185 3.23%


New Inspections Pass Rate Incentives Program In Mecklenburg County
In response to a continued high rate of inspection failures, among certain contractors, the
Code Compliance Task Force (CCTF) reconvened to study the problem.

The results of the CCTF’s work is a three part plan to provide incentives to contractors with
an inspection failure rate of 40% and higher. If a contractor’s failure rate exceeds the 40%
level it will mean greater inspection response time, a pre-inspection performed by a qualified
party and/or continuing education to meet department requirements. These measures will add
significant time and cost to a project.

The plan was presented to the Building Development Commission (BDC) and approved for adoption.

You can download a copy of the CCTF’s report here. Just look for the link in the right column.

For more information please contact Geraldine Walton at


2006 North Carolina Code Amendments.
The 2006 amendments to the 2003 code are available for download here. The new code was
adopted September 13, 2005. The proposed effective date will be July 1, 2006. The Residential
Code is still incomplete at this writing. We will keep you posted.


Have a concern?
If there is any particular concern or issue you have with the way inspections are performed bring
it to the floor of our next meeting. Other contractors may very well have had a similar experience.
After a discussion and forming a concessus position within our membership, our representative can
bring it before the BDC.
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